5 Ways To Keep Your Workspace Clean


How would you feel if you see every day a desk which is spanking clean with motivational quotes and colourful images stuck up on the pin board, a photo of your family/dog/favourite vacation to remind you of all the wonderful times, a green potted plant to soothe your eyes? Won’t you feel a little more motivated to work? Research shows that a tidy and nicely done workplace stimulates good mood and in turn improves employee productivity. Besides, being a cleaning ninja not only keeps your workplace tidy but also helps to score a few brownie points with your boss.

For this, follow these simple 5 tips and your life is sorted for good:-

1. Sorting – Keep only the items you need on a daily basis at your vicinity and store or discard everything else. Avoid keeping distracting items at your desk as much as possible. This ensures your desk a clutter-free look. Also it saves time when you are searching for something important.




2.”Set in order” – There’s a place for everything and everything should be in its place, e.g. writing materials, stationery, notes and files everything should have separate places and should not be mixed up. Allot separate trays for papers and unopened mails. These trays act as your Inbox, thus limiting the amount of stuff that can get accumulated before getting answered. This helps you to keep a clean desk and stay on top of the projects that need attention.


3. Sweeping – At the end of each working day, clean up your office space after your work is done. Remember you will love to come back to a clean desk, the next morning.


4. Standardizing – Organize your current projects by placing them in project jackets/ poly file folders. Take the time to label each file and store them upright in an incline sorter. This is a great way to avoid piles of files and allows you to visually see all of your projects.


5. Sustaining – No practice becomes a habit, until and unless you do it on a regular basis. Remember, practice and only practice makes a woman perfect!




Always remember a clean desk leads to a clear mind!

Debasmita Nath

The writer is a bookworm, nature observer, seeks comfort in words, travels to live and appreciates small things in life.

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