How Not To Get a Valentine?

not get a valentine

Its Valentine’s Day again. Huge hypes are on to impress Valentines. To impress valentines has remained a practice for ages now. Doing things in a different manner adds to the fun factor. This is what we intend to do. There are thousands of ideas to impress Valentine. Let us give you some ideas how not to get a Valentine. Beware girls, these are brilliant ideas thought for you. Let us have a look at how not to get a Valentine this season.

Dressing plays a crucial role

Dress for success. Dress to impress. So if you do not want to attract your Valentine, dress in a shabby manner. Understand how your ‘prospective valentine’ wants you to dress. Avoid dressing that way. Your valentine will never cross your ways.

Being clean and presentable

Beware keeping yourself clean attracts your Valentine towards you. When you get the hint that a ‘prospective Valentine’ plans to meet you, ensure you stink enough. The stink must grab his attention so much that he runs away from you.

Self grooming

A well groomed stylish hair attracts men more than anything else. Make your hair look dry and frizzy which will add to your bad looks. This will drive the ‘prospective valentine’ miles away from you forever all by itself.

Shaving your skin makes it look healthy

Avoid doing manicure and pedicure so that you skin feels like that of a porcupine. This will definitely make the ‘prospective valentine’ avoid your proximity.

Breath odor

Despite all efforts when you have to meet him, go near him when your breathe smells like a rotten cabbage. Try to tell him a secret or two with that back alley sewage water smelling odor. We assure you he will never ever propose to you in life.

Perfumes and Body sprays

Avoid using perfumes and body sprays. Even if you feel like using one, use one that will repel your ‘prospective valentine’ for sure. If you are not aware of his taste, over apply a combination of repulsive fragrances. We are sure he will start running a ‘never-to-return’ marathon.

Engage in boring talks

If your ‘prospective valentine’ likes sports, take him to the museum and spend hours with him. Talk to him about all those things that he never ever wants to talk in his life. Ensure that these talks are boring, making him yawn once every 4 seconds.

It’s all about being confident

Most men like girls who are confident. So act “unconfident”. Nag him for every little thing when he is around. Depend on him so much that he will feel sick to be around and find reasons to avoid you. It’s all in your hands. Be confident that way.

Remember, wise people do not prefer to seek pleasure but tend to avoid pain. Be wise. Do everything possible to avoid getting a Valentine. Life with a Valentine is a happy one. But, life without a Valentine is a happier one. Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is purely intended for fun. Enjoy your life to the fullest. That matters.

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