How to keep your toddler healthy during this winter?

How to keep your toddler healthy during this winter

Toddlers are prone to all types of air borne germs infection as their immunity level is weaker than adults. Thus, parents should take extra care for them so that they stay away from all types of germs and be healthy in all seasons. During winter, virus of cold and flu revolves around your home to attack individuals with low immunity level. Since toddlers are the being who have the least immunity power, the virus affects them at first. These viruses can get inside just with a breath of the toddlers. Even the people who are already infected with such virus can cause harm to toddlers as the virus will transfer from one body to another. You must keep your toddlers away from such infected people.

Ways to keep toddler healthy in winter 

Regularity in hand wash 

When you are going to hold your baby make sure you wash your hand with germ free soaps. Also make your baby hand wash before giving a food ingredient in his hand as they have a tendency to bite anything which they hold. You can also make your baby wash his hand with soap and warm water. Cleanliness and wash must be done after going to toilet, before having meal and after coming back from outside.

Get vaccination on time 

Just after birth, toddlers are prescribed with little vaccination along with the duration to avail. These vaccinations are really important for the toddlers to fight with variety of diseases and bacteria that can attack them when they are young. Most of the parents are careless about it and does not complete the course of vaccination. But, if you want to safe your toddlers from such germs and virus, make them get the vaccination in proper way.

Saline nose drops 

It is always good to avail natural ways to treat the toddlers when they have some problem during winter. When your toddler suffers from nasal congestion, make him take saline nose drop. This will make the mucus thinner and help you stay away from nasal congestion. You can also get the best result if you can use the bubble syringe in this regard. This will be a very easy and natural way to keep your baby’s nose out of congestion.

Breast feeding 

Breast feeding is a must for any toddler as this food produced inside his mother’s body contains all types of vitamins, protein and mineral that every child must have at very young age. Also this helps them fight with all types of diseases in every changing season. These days working ladies cannot go ahead with breast feeding for their child for a longer period of time as their professional field is disrupted. But, by doing this your child’s health suffers.

Vitamins in natural way 

Instead of giving vitamins in medicinal form it is always better to provide vitamins that are supplied by natural ingredients. Our mother nature has provided us with variety of herbs that can help us getting adequate vitamins which makes human being to fight with all types of health issues. Similarly toddlers should always be provided with the vegetables and fruits in semi solid or liquid form that has loads of natural vitamins and minerals. The healthy balanced diet is really important for your toddler as kids will get all types of nutrition that helps them to fight with cold and flu during the winter.

Regular bed routine 

Only proper food and cleanliness is not enough to drive away the virus of flu during winter, rather your toddler should also have a proper sleep routine.  Some child might have a habit of waking throughout the night and sleeping throughout the day. This is not a very good practice. Rather their parents are in a great trouble due to this improper sleep routine. You need to make your toddler practice sleep in a time when everyone sleeps. They can off course go for more sleep than adults but the sleeping time must be proper.

Vitamin D

In order to stay healthy, your baby should get his bone strong. This can be done if you can allow him get adequate amount of vitamin D. You can do this naturally by keeping your baby under the sunlight during the morning when the sun ray is not very strong rather the small baby can get adequate vitamin D under the soft morning sunlight.  You must apply massaging out over his body and allow him to play under the sun to get adequate quantity of vitamin D.

Regular detox 

Just like your elders, kids should also go ahead with detox schedule on a regular basis. Since your kid’s system can also get over burden with amount of toxins that passes over from food, getting your child regular detox will be an important phenomenon. The seasonal virus can be removed with the help of detoxification schedule. You can add detox bath weekly in your child’s bath so that this will help in detoxification.

Minimum sugar in diet 

When you are making your child’s food, it is important to keep very less involvement of sugar as this is the prime ingredient that works in bringing all types of diseases. If you make your child consume more sugar, the immune response of your child will easily decrease. There will be chances of inflammation in his or her body whenever any virus of germs effect during the winter season. Thus even when it is winter season you must not allow your child to consume more sugar.

Immune boosting supplement 

Your pediatrician will definitely prescribe some of the immune boosting supplement if your child is really week from his or her birth. Some of the immune system boosting supplement includes cod liver oil, vitamin d3, etc. This must be regularly consumed by the small baby in order to be strong and have the maximum immunity power to fight with all types of deadly diseases. The winter worm will also be eradicated once these supplements are regularly provided in diet.

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