Do All Indian Women Want to Have Kids?

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Asking this question to a woman might have been a taboo if it was a couple of decades back. In today’s context, many women opt not to have kids of their own for various reasons. Yesteryears had a set of woman who considered motherhood as the most important thing in the world. Today, women tend to pursue their interests in many fields. They opt out of having a child for the fear of allowing the same to hinder with their pursuits. This segregates a portion of women who does not want to have a child from others who still want to be the biological mother of their children.

Individuals who do not want to have a child do not regret about the same despite the warning signals other women around them send across. The conscious choice such individuals take is well thought about and has a rationale behind the same. Many even think that there is nothing wrong when woman decide not to have children of their own since it is an individual’s decision. It is considered as just another decision taken in life by woman among the so many she takes in her life.

Olden days made women in the households solely responsible for taking care of children. One main reason for this is the traditional outlook the society had towards womanhood. Today, the world has changed. Women have equal exposure to the external world as much as men do. It then becomes the responsibility of both the parents to take care of children and not women alone. The vast exposure and willingness to shoulder multiple responsibilities has made women strike an amazing balance between being a career women taking efficient care of the household at the same time. This has triggered the final verdict which showcases the fact that not all Indian women want to have kids.

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