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In our previous articles we have highlighted the need for a focused diet and an exercise plan. This is important for those who want to lose weight and also those who want to maintain their current weight and fitness levels.

The best athletes in the world have to also follow a diet as their peak performance is linked to their body being in prime fitness condition.  As explained in earlier articles, the diet a person needs has to be customized to individual physical conditions. Once we have noted our individual body measurements including BMI, BMR and TDEE, we can approach a Dietician for help so that a personalized diet is charted out.

A diet should not only have the foods, portions and timings, but also weight loss or gain goals should be mapped accordingly. It should not be a generalized one but should take into consideration individual tastes and medical conditions.  For this we have to be clear about which specific foods do not suit us and eliminate the possibility of them being in the Diet Plan. Allergies, lactose intolerance, vegan approach etc are to be taken into account.  Heart disease and Diabetes are two of the biggest lifestyle diseases that can be linked directly to poor diet and fitness.

Furthermore we need not sacrifice taste at the altar of fitness. Recipes should be used to make the Diet Plan effective. Another feature should be that the Diet Plan has to be several smaller meals instead of 3 heavy meals a day. In this way the body gets nourishment when needed and we do not have any surplus which can be converted to fat.

Recently the US News – Health conducted tests by renowned Health experts to find the best Diets in the world.  The DASH diet has come out winner once again The DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) is a dietary pattern promoted by the U.S.-based National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

We can customize such diets to Indian culinary tastes and come up with a Diet Plan which is effective for us.
Vegetables and grains along with fruits can be a very strong base for a Diet plan. For non-vegetarians eggs, lean meat can be incorporated as well.

I am providing a sample Diet plan for 1500 calories. The calorie count should be personalized after health checks.


Timing Foods To Eat Calories
Early Morning Lukewarm water with Honey and Lemon 0
Couple of Biscuits (Digestive) 110

Brown Bread, skimmed milk, oats, sprouts 300
Upma or Idlis or Poha, + Skimmed Milk 1 cup 300

1 Banana, or 2 oranges, or peanuts, 70

1 cup brown rice with vegetable broth. One bowl vegetable salad and 1 small bowl low fat curd. 320

Green Tea or Butter Milk 50

Dinner with soup. 2 rotis or upma or 3 slices of brown bread or one bowl of oats at night along with 1 cup vegetable and 1 bowl of salad. 400
Total 1550 Cal

This is a sample plan and can be used as a starting step.  Customization is important and so is variation.

For a Diet Plan to be effective the calorie meter has to be a priority. Discipline is the other pillar. Results will be evident when these two factors are religiously followed. The above Diet will be effective IF combined with a fitness plan.  We will be discussing more on fitness in future articles. Till then Bon Appetite or in Hindi “Shuru Karo”.

Hemanshu Pandey

Basketball and philosophy are passions. Reading is a habit. Represented Maharashtra and Mumbai University as a basketball player. Currently coaching kids for school sports and women for marathons.

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