Are We Raising Our Boys Right?

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Are we raising our girls right has been the topic of focus for many decades in our society. This is mainly because of the innumerable rights that our boys have been bestowed by default, right from their birth. Our society makes our boys feel overwhelmed with the power they have over girls. The age old practices in our day to day life creates illusionary power in them making them feel that girls are weaklings and can be thrashed. Boys tend to behave in the way they want to behave since they are given the courage that they are entitled to do so.

The increase in the number of date rapes and women abuse stands as a proof for the fact that we are not raising our boys the right way. Many youngsters consider date rapes as an acceptable act while their friends remain silent supporting the same. It is the responsibility of the parents and the society as a whole to shun such acts that youngsters indulge in. Friends who stand as a support to such activities must also be taught that such a silence is absolutely unacceptable.

It is high time we understand that rape is not just sexual abuse but is a pointer to what is termed as ‘toxic masculinity’. The psychological misunderstanding boys have over the limits of control that can be exerted acts as the basic reason for their arrogance. Bringing up boys with required levels of sensitivity towards the other gender will help overcome this problem in the future to come.

Right from their childhood, boys need to be taught about the pain that can be caused to others when they misbehave.  Allowing boys to express their feelings from time to time will avoid piling up of emotions. This will happen only when we realize that we are not raising our boys the right way.

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