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There are some things in life, absence of which makes us feel fish out of water. They appear so entangled with our day to day life that we get lost without them. One such thing is the sweetness that sugar gives to our taste buds. While sugar adds sweetness to our foods, excess usage of it makes us lose the same in our life. When life forces us to cut on sugar, we indulge more on the same. Stevia comes in handy helping us to overcome this psychological impediment.

What exactly is Stevia?

Stevia is an alternative to the refined sugar used by most of the people around the world. It is a plant that belongs to Asteraceae family in biological terms. Stevia is also known as candyleaf in many parts of the world. This plant is being used as natural sweetener by people of Paraguay and Brazil. It is also used for medical and contraceptive purposes in these regions. Stevia today is one of the major sugar substitutes in many parts of world.

Interesting facts about Stevia

  • The facts listed below will substantiate interesting facts about Stevia.
  • Stevia is leafy plant from South America
  • Stevia adds zero calories to the body
  • It is available for consumption both in liquid and powder form
  • Stevia is sweeter than the common refined sugar. This is due to the two components found in it;  Rebaudioside A and Stevioside

Health benefits offered by Stevia

  • Stevia has positive impact on serious ailments of kidney and heart. It does this by;
    1. Lowering the Blood pressure during abnormalities
    2. Lowering the risk involved in Left Ventricular Hypertrophy
  • Decreasing Oxidized LDL cholesterol levels, Stevia helps combat heart diseases
  • Stevia lowers the Blood Sugar levels in patients who are Diabetic. People with Type 2 Diabetes can benefit using Stevia.

The high safety profile of Stevia causes no adverse side effects in human.

How to use Stevia?

  • Stevia tastes bad when used in liquid form since alcohol gets added to the same. Stevia in powdered form is easy to use and does not leave any after taste.
  • Go in for organic brands of Stevia which avoid adding unnatural elements.
  • Liquid form of Stevia is easy to consume with beverages like coffee, tea, smoothies and curd.
  • Powdered form of Stevia is useful while baking food items
  • It’s usage is recommended in limited quantities since it is a lot more sweeter than the processed sugars
  • Use Stevia regularly to experience the health benefits it offers

To summarize, Stevia is one of the best alternatives for processed sugar. It does not add to the fat content of the body. It is a natural product and so does not cause any harmful side effects to the health.

It is the ‘King of Sweeteners’ owing to the immense health benefits it offers. More and more people across the globe are shifting to Stevia to lead a natural and healthy life.

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