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  • How Not To Get a Valentine?

    not get a valentine

    Its Valentine’s Day again. Huge hypes are on to impress Valentines. To impress valentines has remained a practice for ages now. Doing things in a different manner adds to the fun factor. This is what we intend to do. There are thousands of ideas to impress Valentine. Let us give you some ideas how not […]

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  • How to attract new love in your life?


    The sleigh-bells are ringing, the Christmas trees are twinkling, mothers and aunties are baking and Santa is ho-ho-ho-ing. Some of us single women however, are dreading the festive season. What with Christmas parties, New year parties, the Sunburn festival, and the oh-so-important kiss at midnight, there’s just too much pressure to find that ‘Special Someone’! […]