What really makes a woman attractive?

Attractive woman

Beauty in all physical forms and a sense of propriety! Traditionally a woman had to bear these two cardinal features to be considered “attractive”. Not that these have taken a back-seat in recent times! However, today’s women with her expanded persona and free thinking are much more than what meets the eyes. Let’s discuss some of these attributes of modern women which make them appealing to the opposite sex.

Sense of humour  –  Women who are not easily offended by banter or jokes made unwittingly at her and can strike back with a cool demeanour and a tongue-in-cheek humour easily catch the interest of men, who are becoming increasingly less tolerant (and rightly so) of touchy and weepy damsels.

Natural charm – One who can amicably chat, play a host to many and go beyond meaningless ‘small talks’ would certainly turn heads in any social gathering than the shy and reclusive of the yesteryears.

Conversationalist – A woman who is able to strike a fairly meaningful conversation in a social sphere, without confining her opinions to ‘oh, politics and sports, these are men’s topics’ will definitely attract many. It is not necessary that we women should be interested in each and every goddamn subject under the sun. But having a basic General Knowledge and an independent opinion is important for a woman’s own sense of self-worth.

Confidence – Nobody would want someone who expects constant indulgence and attention. Women with plenty of friends, or at least a few close ones with whom she bonds and entertains herself, women flaunts her single-dom fearlessly is the kind men would want to pay more attention to.

Independence – Independent women, taking care of their own needs earn more respect than the ones who expect men to bear small expenses on casual dates and financially fend them in relationships.

Finally, women shedding their dependency on men and rejecting patronizing acts of chivalry like opening doors and pulling chairs would ironically attract real men, who are tired of being the ‘knight in shining armour’ and would be wanting an equal friend and partner in life.

What say ladies! Won’t you agree…?

Poornima Mandpe

A dreamer and a book worm, I believe in following the dictates of my heart. I intend to make a meaningful contribution to society in a small way through my writing! Currently a part of an NGO (Akshara) that works for women empowerment and gender justice.

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