Connecting with Self through Warrior Meditation

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What would you answer if I asked – In this world dominated by the World Wide Web, where everything is just a ping or a click or a command away, what is it that’s missing the most?

The list could be limitless, but in my opinion it is the time which is finally left to oneself that is missing the most. Our days are constantly spent in the clutches of the omnipresent Internet manifesting itself in one or the other way. It could be in the form of a quick exchange of pleasantries through one of the popular chat applications, updating life experience in the professional networking forum, spending ten hours at workplace connected to the WWW or  browsing news, sites and blogs on the couch at the end of the day.

Our lives have become ridiculously predictable. We interact with people across the globe and yet miss out on connecting with the most important of the lot – Self! Among the many other illnesses that this net addiction promotes is frustration and high-stress.

I have recently discovered a new way to recreate myself. This is through the art of warrior meditation and Tai Chi. Being privileged to be accepted as a student by one of the most proficient Sensei, I am being taught how to reconnect to myself – to be the eternal child of cosmos, to learn to meditate, to improve my awareness so that in spite of being in the heart of everything else I still remain connected with the ego. I am just a beginner now but this art has definitely brought in a sense of the much-needed peace and instilled calmness in my soul.

Tai Chi is described as an ancient Chinese martial art, but of a more gentler form, suitable for any age and can be practised at any place. it doesn’t even need any background in martial arts. Some of my other fellow classmates are well into their seventies and eighties and together we share the floor practising the qi-gong (pronounced chee-gong). The essence is the energy transfer that happens from the elements of the universe to the human beings. The slow and gentle moves play upon the energy surrounding us and draws it towards self. One can definitely experience internal calm and peace when practising it. Sticking to it over a period of time helps one to slow down in this fast paced world and enjoy life instead of just surviving through it.

So those of you who had always wanted to learn martial arts but never had a chance to, go ahead and adopt Tai Chi irrespective of your age and gender.  By practising the warrior meditation, you will discover the lost art of reconnecting with yourself for a change towards the better.

Suvarghya Dutta

Loves high altitude treks and swimming. Green belt in Karate and currently a novice in Tai Chi warrior meditation. Seeking inner peace in this fast paced world.

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