These Effective Methods Will Fight Negative Thoughts

fight negative thougts

Our state of mind decides how our day will pass. If we are happy everything around looks beautiful. Suddenly even the most irritating person talks sense, you have no issues with potholes, GST or even if your maid takes a leave. But if you have one negative thought. That’s it.. everything changes.. It keeps irritating you, like sand in your eyes. Remains till the time your mind is not free of it.

We keep telling ourselves that till phase will pass. But our mind refuses to pay attention.

Below there is list of few effective ways that can be helpful.

1. Pranayama & chanting mantras

Pranayama is an ancient practice concerned with simple but effective breathing techniques. There is no hard and fast rules to be followed. It can be done by anyone and anywhere preferably in empty stomach or atleast 2 hrs after your meal.

a. Bhastrika Pranayama

bhastrika pranayam

b. Kapalbhati

c. Anulom Vilom

anulom vilom

d. Bhramari. Humming sound of bee.


Chanting mantra

Certain mantras when repeated and pronounced in correct way has a positive and lasting effect in one’s mind. The power of every mantra can be felt in form of vibrations. When an atom explodes it’s impact spreads not only kilometres but effect remains for years. That’s effect of mantra to mind. It makes mind quite again and again.

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Mantras like om namah shivay or Rama Rama when chanted for 108 times drives the worries away. But mind you, fill your mind truly with mantra. The moment that happens, mind is free from worries.

2. Keeping company of positive people

Studies state that, just by changing roommate in a hostel room can have lasting impact on student’s mind and growth. Negative people are like parasites neither they grow nor do let others grow. So change your company. When you discuss growth and progress, automatically there is no time for sulking. There is so much to do that these small small failures just don’t matter.

3. Keep yourself busy

When you know you can do nothing about a particular thought, stop sitting and brooding about it. Get up… It’s time to get going. Start cleaning your cupboard. Look at your room tidy it up now. Yes now.. start writing mails or even letters to your friends and family. Go for a walk or even window shopping. Call and talk to your friends., talking and laughing about your problem can help you lighten up.

4. Visit to orphanage or old age home. My personal favourite.

Spending time and by simply talking to kids there makes you realise how lucky you really are. Life has given you so many beautiful things to be happy. You will realise those little children have never experienced mother’s warmth and father’s care, they don’t even know anything about their future.

They just have each other’s company. But still they smile and seem to be happy. If they can, so can we.

P.s. It’s you and only you who can decide what you really want to do. You can simply sit and brood over something or just get up and decide to do something about it. Choice is all yours.


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