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self defense can kill fear

Give it to the technological advancements or the many kinds of developments happening around us today, we live in a more sophisticated society than our earlier generations did. However, somewhere deep inside, the animal is still awake waiting for the right opportunity to pounce on the prey.

Most of the times women happen to be the prey for men with such animal instincts. Being a weaker gender physically, women fail to protect themselves during such unfortunate incidences. Particularly in the current scenario where more and more sexual crimes are increasing in the society, self defense is the only key. This realization has paved way for the creation of Women Self Defense Center (WSDC)

Genesis of Women Self Defense Center (WSDC)

With the mission to equip today’s women to face the challenges ‘tomorrow’ throws on them, two young minds created what is called the Women Self Defense Center. WSDC, as it is shortly termed as, was founded by Shri Aaditya Thackeray, head of the youth wing of Yuva Sena and Shihan Akshay Kumar. These young minds target to empower women with a dignified life, improving their self respect levels through stunning levels of self defense.

WSDC focuses in imparting Self Defense training to women free of cost. The self defense mechanisms imparted as training to women discard the obsolete techniques that are not useful in real life situations.

Realistic Self Defense Techniques

Some self defense techniques taught in WSDC are enlisted below for the benefit of aspiring women who wish to get trained on the same.

  • Close quarters
  • Combat Using Elbows to protect and attack
  • Kick and punch techniques
  • Head butts and attacking with Knees
  • Fighting one or more attackers
  • Protecting self when stick guns and knives are used for attacking
  • Converting household normal things in to weapons to attack sudden poachers
  • self defence
    WSDC in action

    The professional self defense techniques taught in WSDC are Kudo, Karate, Laido, Aikijujutsu, Krav Maga and Kobudo. The below listed aspects add immense value to the physical training provided in WSDC in a strategic manner.

    • Attacking in the weak points in human body
    • Focusing on the pressure points of the attackers which will devastate them
    • Specific attacking methods designed for aged people and kids
    • Providing situation oriented trainings in dark lonely alleys, private staircase and elevators and unmanned parking areas.

    Self Defense training is provided in realistic situations mainly to boost the confidence levels of people who fear they may not be able to handle ad-hoc situations. This down to earth approach helps women handle the heavy adrenaline flow during perilous situations.

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    The success of self defense training lies in its training methodology, adopting novel techniques to safeguard from the newer kinds of crimes committed from time to time and the absorbing capacities of the people being trained. However, it is up to the individuals to put the techniques taught into action when a situation demands the same. Remember, Self Defense is the key and you are your best protection.

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