6 Ways to Make Money from Home

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We all strive to make money through different sources to attain a financially independent life. Though it would be a dream come true, creating a source can be a task. Unless you are passionate about that second money source. Here we give a snapshot of how you can make money from home.

Publish an Ebook

Did you know you can self-publish your own novel? Gone are the days when one needed a publisher to publish a book. Start one if you have a story in your mind and have a flair for writing. Make your friends proof-read it. If this excites you, read this guide to benefit & become the next best-selling author.

Start a blog

If you are passionte about a topic, you can start a blog. If you are finding it difficult to create one because of technical know-how, do check online for many how-to sources. A good one is ShoutMeLoud.com. It is an Indian blog who has been blogging about making money online since 2008.

Go for this, if you are really passionate about writing. It is very important that you regularly post good articles. The whole effort will make money if you have traffic. This will only work if people will love to read your articles & share it in their circles.

Join gig economy

A gig means a short term position available at an organization. This could be of a content writer, graphical designer or even a translator. Here you can make use of your professional education also. A lot of sites like Fiverr.com allows you to sell your skills.

This trend has already picked up pace in India & with automation zooming in fast, there is only upward growth on these temporary positions in the market.

Teach English

A lot of locals are struggling with English as a language to grow in their career. Even more find it difficult to converse in English. A glaring example would be in the hospitality industry. Ventures like EnglishBolega.com is helping such individuals, and they provide an oppurtunity to join them online & create courses.

Social media marketing

A lot of small businesses are putting themselves on social media. This is only for the reason that their audience is on social circles. But the thing is they do not have much clue about Social Media Marketing. This provides another avenue to make money from home. You can approach these businesses to let you handle their social pages for a monthly fee. These can eventually create a monthly revenue stream for you.

You will need to hone your social media skills at first, if you want them to continue with you. To improve your productivity there are many tools like buffer.com, recurpost.com which will help you to create a pile of posts at once but post them periodically.

Create online courses

This seems very easy at first. Create an online course & enjoy the passive income. Click To Tweet Website like Teachable.com make it even more easy since all the infrastructure is taken care of. However creating a value adding course is prime.

One needs to understand the domain very well & understand the propesctive students. Unless it adds value to them, it will not add value to your Bank account.

No matter which idea you select, you will need to pursue it with passion. That is mandatory to materialize your dream of having a second income.

That’s all from us here. If you need us to write more on any one topic, feel free to reach us or comment below. We will surely respond to you on that.

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