How To Embrace A Change…


There will be times when you will move out of your cozy home to face the brave new world for the sake of your career. Sometimes you will have to change your job because you need more space to grow. You may have to start living and putting up with strangers for the sake of someone you love. Death will visit your loved ones suddenly, leaving you all alone. New life, in newer forms will also come around.

Sometimes change comes unexpectedly. It comes with a current so strong, that before you know it, you are swept off your feet and landed in a situation, unimaginable under normal circumstances. Sometimes, it comes knowingly and willingly, giving you the chance to prepare you for the better.

It is said, a women’s life is about constant change. She changes after she attains puberty, when she falls in love, when she is married and when she becomes a mother. Add or subtract a few more in the modern women’s life! Nature and Time, our two great teachers do not allow us to remain static. How should one then, prepare to embrace a change? Remember,

  • Change comes inevitably in our lives, either suddenly or as planned. Acceptance is the only way to deal with it.
  • Change is an opportunity to grow. Accept change as a challenge in your life. Sometimes, life gives you a chance to find who you are by taking away the things you had.
  • Change is synonymous with movement and thus with each change your life takes a step forward.
  • Outwardly changes do not change your basic nature or your core values.  A huge change, like a marriage does not mean you will have to give up on your principles. It just means you have to apply your principles to a new situation.
  • If you are not happy with the change in your life, believe that like every other situation, this too will change. Just face it wholeheartedly to make it happen sooner.

In the end, just remember, life ebbs and flows, tides turn, things change.

Poornima Mandpe

A dreamer and a book worm, I believe in following the dictates of my heart. I intend to make a meaningful contribution to society in a small way through my writing! Currently a part of an NGO (Akshara) that works for women empowerment and gender justice.

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