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Engagement is an auspicious event in the life of a woman who is getting married. It is the event for which every girl is excited about. Girls start preparing for making their engagement as a perfect occasion in their life. Right from the venue to the dress and make up she is going to wear, she gets very particular about everything. Either traditional or trendy, she prefers to pick the best dress. But the charm of her engagement dress is negligible without the right makeup. Thus, along with looking around for the dresses you should look for the right makeover artists in your area. These days, many freelance HD make-up artists are there who provide best in class services to the brides.

Makeup that can withstand any style

Most of the brides want to have a makeup which suits their personality and dress.  Thus, show your dress to your make-up artist before so that she/he can decide in advance the color of your eye shadow and base. Neither all the makeover look best on everyone nor on every dress so let your artist to pre-decide the make-up for you. If you are willing to do the makeup yourself, you can get the best cosmetics using the Nykaa offers. If you look at the latest ring ceremony make-up styles, then you will find that these days most of the brides go for the light and sober make-up with some great highlights so, that they can easily wear the bold and bright make up on their big day. It enables them to look different on both days. If you also want something like this, then check out the popular make-up you trends.

Nude effect makeup


This style of engagement makeover is trending in the west. In this type, the bright colors are kept minimal. They key is to maintain the natural appearance of the bride. Most common reasons given by the brides from the west for this type of makeover is that it perfectly matches with their white colored engagement dress. Well, it is not a bad idea to go for the nude makeup in ring ceremony. But marriages being more colorful, one needs to be bold to try out the nude effect makeover.

Smokey eyes


This style has been in the trend since past few years. Great focus is made on highlighting the eyes with the dark colored eye cosmetic products. Eye liner and eye shadow can be used in the mix and match pattern with the outfit. This type of makeover is most suitable for the brides having small eyes with the help of bold smoky eye makeup the small eye can look large.

Matte makeup


It is the style of makeover for which most of the girls are opting for their engagement ceremony. For this style, subtle look can be given to the brides.  It is not glossy at all.  Hence, the brides who are going to wear something bling or glittery on their engagement should opt for this style. It will enable to maintain the balance between the bling of their dress and the looks.

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