Miniature Artwork Creator Nischitha Shares Her Story

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Apart from being an engineer by profession, Nischitha found another way to get her creative juices flowing. She makes miniature art in the way of fridge magnets, gifts etc.

Over to Ms.Nischitha

fridge magnetsTell us about your startup.

Basically I am a software engineer working in an MNC. Along with my job, I always had that thrive to do something more in my life. This is where, Creativity Uplifted has been built up. It mainly aims about sharing and selling the creative crafts and ideas with the like minded people and community. We have a YouTube channel called “Creativity Uplifted”, where we come up with the creative craft videos. Apart from that, today Creativity Uplifted is also extended to sell various craft related products like fridge magnets, doll house miniatures etc.

How did you come across this idea?

Being a girl from a family where my mother, grandmother everyone were all very creative in their own ways. Since childhood I have seen them involved them self in one or the other craft always. Once I shifted to Bangalore from my hometown, I got exposed to this digital media, internet all those stuff.

Once I settled up in my career as a software engineer, next question came up in my mind is what next? Then I decided to start a YouTube channel, to share all my craft ideas. Mean while i used to get lot of request to sell the products which i make. It is when I started my journey very recently by making dollhouse miniatures and miniature food magnets as well.


What was the reaction from your family & friends?

I am glad that i got lot of encouragement and very positive feed backs from my family and friends. Especially my brother is the one who encouraged me a lot during my journey.

Tell us about your startup journey so far?

As i told you before, today I have landed up here with a channel and some good people who are my real strength. I am happy that I didn’t end up with the same routine life like the most of the people in the crowd. This has really brought some change, some life and some confidence in me.

What was the key challenge & how did you overcome it?

Main key challenge while taking up your passion along with regular job is, time management. Initially I used to feel tired while managing the same. Eventually I learned to plan, prioritize and balance them.

Please share your road map ahead.

As of now, I want to build a strong base, with more and more new designs and ideas for my channel as well as in terms of products. Down the line, we also have plans of coming up with some weekend creative workshops and classes where we can directly reach the people in offline mode as well.

If there is one thing you would like to give as a message, what would that be?

Whatever you do, do it with love. Whatever you want to learn, just go ahead and start. Never think of fetching the benefits out of it during your initial days itself.

Reach out to her if you want to get any miniature gifts, souvenirs done for your friends, customers or family.

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