You Can Shine With No MakeUp

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“People are beautiful , not by their looks , not by what they say but what they are.”  The Word “beauty”  itself  defines purity and simplicity of a women and there are no doubts that they prove it right, but  beauty is not all about makeup and giving a glow to your face through different creams. Although girls are very much concerned about their beauty and looks, have you ever thought that how your grandmother’s skin still shines bright like a diamond? Do you also want fresh and glowing skin with no makeup or any products. There are some tips for best complexion without any chemical products.

Turmeric & Gram Flour

turmeric, no makeup

Turmeric and Gram flour has been use as a beauty product from centuries .  The mixture  is pleasing for skin and  shields our skin against acne due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. You can make mixture of turmeric and gram flour with  little bit amount   of glycerin  or can  be used with curd  also. This mixture is not only beneficial for acne but also superb  for oily skin and helps to checks facial hair.

Orange Peel & Rose Petals

orange peel

Orange is a best source of vitamin C for  health as well as for skin, it’s a boon to get rid from blackhead, acne, dead cells and blemishes. Mixture of  orange peel and rose petals with curd  or milk can glow your face and remove your tan. Its beneficial for all skin types.

Neem Leaves

neem leaves
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Ayurveda  has been integral part for all  skin problems and The Indian Lilac termed as Neem is very  propitious for all skin type problems. This herb is available through out the year to glow and sparkle your skin. Boil good amount of leafs until water convert into green colour. Then strain and store it in a bottle after this apply this liquid in your face by dipping cotton balls in herb water.

Papaya Pulp

papaya pulp

Papaya pulp contains about 300% of recommended amount of  vitamin C which keep us away from diseases as same  from skin problems also. It remove black spots, brown spots and dark elbow and dark knee. Apply papaya pulp with glycerin weekly, this fruit pulp will tone your skin and improve your complexion .

Cucumber & Lemon

cucumber lemon

The oldest cultivated crop in India best use to get rid off  from skin irritation, eye wrinkles, acne, skin tanning and dark circles. It mostly contain water which freshens our skin and moreover it also have ascorbic and caffeic acid which lift  in abate  eye  swelling and sooth skin. Apply juice of crushed cucumbers with some drops of lemon in it which glimmer and blushes your skin.

These five homemade packs brings back your natural beauty and amaze people by your presence. Your happiness and positive aura creates an environment which beautifies your inner soul . Stay Happy 🙂 Stay Beautiful !!

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  1. Such great tips. A few month ago I started drinking warm lemon water every morning. And it really cleared my skin and gave me a nice glow. Plus it’s nice and warm in the morning. xx

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      Thanks for sharing your view.

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