Are You Listening To Your Body? Signals to watch for

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Body gives us signals, but are we listening to those?

Light headedness, droopy eyes, tiredness, lethargy, shakiness, headaches, growling stomach, bloating, acidity are all subtle signs.

What do these imply? Its our body trying to tell us something!

We must listen to our body at all times.

Droopy eyes, tiredness, lethargy are the ways body signals sleepiness. We yawn or keep thinking about hitting the bed, it’s our body craving for rest. We must take proper 7-8 hours uninterrupted sleep on a daily basis. A light post dinner walk and minimal mobile use in the evening will help our body ease into a relaxing sleep.

When we feel bloated, it implies the body is signalling fullness or heaviness and so we need to go easy on our meals and eat light that day. Never ever over eat!

At the same time we must eat only when the body signals hunger. A lot of times, we fail to understand the body’s hunger signal. Sometimes the body is merely signalling thirst, however we mistakenly think its hungry and end up snacking, whereas one must have a glass of water and wait for 5 minutes. If the body is still hungry it signals hunger else it was merely thirsty and the temporary hunger feeling will subside.

Headaches, shakiness, acidity are mostly caused either due to eating something we are allergic to or due to stress.

Watch your weight

Being receptive to what our body’s signals when we consume some food item, understanding how it reacts will save us from eating anything which causes these symptoms.

If we are gaining weight or inches, the body is storing excess calories in the shape of fat. We must opt for healthier food items over sugar, processed and packaged food. We must eat mindfully and just enough calories that our body needs as a fuel to function properly.

We must exercise for 30 minutes each day, 5-6 days a week. This not only helps in reducing weight /inches but also helps in maintaining the body shape, once we achieve our target.

We are well aware how damaging stress can be for human health and must manage mental stress with regular physical  exercise, deep breathing exercises or Yoga, and meditation. A daily routine of 30 minutes walk is enough for an individual to feel fresh and it relaxes our body. Likewise, 5-10 minutes of meditation is enough to ensure a positively charged mental state.

If we listen intently to our body’s signals and work accordingly we will always have a healthy and a fit body.

Cheers to a healthy & fit body!

Parul Khanna

Meet Parul Khanna, a corporate lawyer who has successfully completed the “merger” of her penchant for style and passion for fitness by running a handcrafted home decor company (Coral Charm) and a life style/ wellness consultancy (Go Natural Slimming)


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