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From the moment we wake up till the moment we sleep, its a mad rush. Sounds like you? Read on.

You play many roles in a life and in the process tend to forget to take care of your own health. Click To Tweet You do have your loved ones to look after you. But it is your duty to give attention to your health.

Easier said than done. Right?

You can include a simple ingredient in your daily diet which will help you shield from illness. That key ingredient is Flax Seeds.


Flax seeds (also called linseeds) are a rich source of micro-nutrients, dietary fiber, manganese, vitamin B1, and the essential fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid, also known as ALA or omega-3.

Flax seed is a source of healthy fat, antioxidants, and fiber.

Benefits of flax seeds

Prevents Cancer: Consuming flax seed may help protect against prostate, colon, and breast cancers. Flax seed is thought to prevent the growth of cancerous cells because its omega-3 fatty acids disrupt malignant cells from clinging onto other body cells. In addition, the lignans in flax seed have anti-angiogenic properties – they stop tumors from forming new blood vessels.

Improve digestion: The high amounts of fiber aid the digestive process by improving the absorption of nutrients.


Keeps the heart healthy: Several studies have suggested that diets rich in flax seed omega-3s help prevent hardening of the arteries and keep plaque from being deposited in the arteries partly by keeping white blood cells from sticking to the blood vessels’ inner linings.

Lowers high cholesterol: Daily consumption of flax seeds can significantly lower cholesterol levels, keeping a check on heart diseases and obesity.

Now the question arises how much should you consume?

2 Tbsp. of ground flax seed has almost 4 grams of total dietary fiber. We recommend that you start with adding 2 Tbsp. of ground flax seed to your daily diet, and slowly increase to 3-4 Tbsp. per day.

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