What is Lagom? This Can Change Your Life


Lagom (pronounced as laigom) is a Swedish word meaning just the right amount.

A farmer nurtures an apple tree, if he in his excitement uses extra amount of fertilizers or over waters the plant he may end up spoiling the tree. But what if he is lazy?? Will that work?? Of course not. There has to be balance in everything he does. Whether it’s watering, adding fertilisers or manures or getting sunlight.

Similarly a healthy amount of love, food, sex, excercise and rest is required to survive a peaceful life. If there is excess amount of anything, eventually we may get bored and no longer have any longing for it. If we are deprived, then the very thought of it may make us depressed. As parents if right amount of force- never too much or too little little can give them right direction and prepare them for their future. Little children are like potter’s clay we can shape them the way we want to. We can’t always prepare their future but can definitely prepare them for it.

Similarly teachers can change lives with just right mix of chalk and challenges. This is how a good teacher is distinguished from the rest. Teaching is not about going blah blah about your subject up to the bell rings. If students are given regular tests or quizzes it may aid in developing interest in that subject.

As lovers, if there is too much involvement in each other’s life then the relationship becomes suffocating. Everyone enjoys their personal space and if that is encroached then it’s a signal to step out of that relationship.

Sri Sri Ravishankarji always says that in a relationship, both partners should have parallel goals, their goal should not intersect or bisect the goal of the other. Otherwise half life of that relationship reduces.

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Even when you excercise, it has to be done in a balance. No point overdoing it as you may end up tiring your muscles and it’s not good for them.

So, who decides the right amount of Lagom? There is no scale or measurement that tells you the right amount. You and only you can decide that. When something is going wrong and disturbing you, just step aside and have a one on one talk with the world’s most amazing person and that’s “YOU“.

Figure out how do you set your balance there. It maybe difficult as old habits die hard. But there is no age limit for that. It’s just a matter of deciding and saying now.

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