Climbing Stairs can Get Your Stress Down


You will be forgiven for wondering why stair climbing is a sport. Surprisingly it is a free, easily available way of exercise.We easily find stairs in our neighborhood yet we hardly make use of it. There are numerous health benefits of stair climbing. So if you are wondering how to start working out then stair climbing is of the best activity to start with.

Benefits of Stairs climbing

Low impact exercise

Stair climbing is an easy, low impact activity which is a very good exercise for a beginner. The chances of injuries are less since its body weight exercise and is gentle on knees. Although its low impact one can add more intensity to the workout. You can regulate your speed accordingly.

Efficient workout

Stair climbing is an effective workout and it doesn’t need gym or equipments. We just need to climb stairs nearby and enjoy this activity for free. We don’t need supervision for this exercise.

Muscle conditioning

Stair climbers provide resistance for the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and calves which helps in toning of lower part of body. It also helps in losing belly fats. One should choose a stair climber that has independent pedal action that forces one to push down and lift up the leg working both the front and back of the leg.

Cardiovascular conditioning

Aerobic activities like climbing stairs increases the heart rate and blood circulation. If stair climbing is done regularly, it decreases the time taken for oxygen to reach the working muscle and thus helps in improving cardiovascular endurance.

Calorie burn

Just like any other form of exercise, stair climbing also helps in calorie burn.

This exercise is not for everyone although it is very simple. Anybody can do it in a slow pace. However, if you are increasing the intensity of the activity it might be unsafe for people with heart conditions, as well as with knee joint issues since coming down the stairs imposes a good amount of pressure on knees. One can use the side railing to hold while climbing. Take advice from your doctor before the start with any exercise activity.

Climbing stairs helps in releasing natural pain relievers or endorphin so you’ll feel better and it will help to reduce stress.

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