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Being pregnant is the world’s most beautiful feeling and having your baby in your own arms is something which words can ever describe. Suddenly from a carefree working busy women, you become a “Mom”… world’s greatest knighthood and trust me when that tiny little baby comes in your arms you get all the strength and wisdom to protect your bundle of joy.

Suddenly you just know what your baby needs and you have enough knowledge that no book can ever provide. Just trust your intuition. It’s not always necessary that you have to breast feed feed your child.

If you have enough milk go for it, as it is the best for the baby and you. But if there is not enough, go for a top feed. Sometimes it takes a day or so for the flow of milk to start. Relax… stay calm. Top feed your child till you start lactating. Remember it is not your fault. Climate need not be the same every year. So it is ok. People will come up with weird ideas and literally annoy you. Simply lie to them that yes you do breast feed your baby.

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In all your frustration, baby only gets confused. The angel starts wondering where am I. Just keep talking to your baby they enjoy listening to you. More importantly loving you back.

Happy Parenting!

This is penned by a Mom using words to let her emotions flow.

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