A Mom’s First Day at School

first day at school

Our first day at school. Even though it was hers… I would say ours, as both of went through so much emotions that even though she forgot I still remember. My daughter simply refused to sleep through night. She preferred sleeping at 3 am. Me being a sleep lover, was fed up off loosing my precious sleep.

I patiently waited till she was 2 years old. Once she was 2, I simply enrolled her into nearby playschool. Honesty, I feel a school doesn’t matter. It is the students who make a difference. So i didn’t go about searching for school. All that mattered to me then was her safety and secondly the distance. This being 5 minutes walk became my obvious preference.

After I decided came the second stage. convincing everyone at home that it is needed. i simply said we will see her progress for 2 months and we will decide whether she needs to continue or not. Even though I stay in a join family, I had always made clear everyone can have a say when it comes to my daughter but final decision will always be mine. So everyone knew it was futile convincing me. Since she is an August born, i enrolled her for the September batch.

Sooner than I knew her first day of school was determined. I had jitters in my stomach. As the date was approaching I only longed for more time. How I wished if I had not taken admission. Finally the day arrived. The previous night, both me and my husband just couldn’t sleep. We kept holding our princess’ hands. That night we just didn’t want to see the sun.

But it rose on time. I woke up daughter and dressed her up. She was happy dressing up as she loves going out. Then after going to school, when I turned around to leave, she started howling. She kept saying, “Amma… No.. i want to come along.” It was as though my whole world had shaken up. I was trembling. Her teacher told me, “Don’t worry she will be fine. but if she continues we will call you.”

I could hear her scream for almost half a distance. I held my phone tight hoping to get a call. Those 2 hrs were the worst waiting period for me. Her toys suddenly appeared meaningless to me. There was no shouting or crying. There was no one to call me Amma. The house appeared unnecessarily a lot cleaner to me. I felt so guilty. “Why was the rush.. so what if she doesn’t sleep, I could have managed for some more time.” Suddenly even millisecond appeared longer.

after the first day at schoolAt last, it was my chance to see her. i ran to her school, ignoring every person, whom I met on the way. I waited near the gate and finally my little chocopie comes running towards me. I held her tight & she says, “Amma”. But her tantrums for not continuing to school continued for a month she starting making her own reasons why she doesn’t want to go. But now she loves her school even if there is no school she says, “Why no school?”

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