Avid Trekker Koyel Ghosh Shares Easy Tips on Skin Care

koyel ghosh

Today we all have become a part of rat race in this concrete jungle to cope up with our own set living standards. But still there are people amongst us who find time to get close to nature and find peace. Going on treks and hikes is one such way to get closer to nature, to breathe in some fresh air, and also find peace away from the chaos of these concrete jungles.

Trekking and hiking proves very good for one’s health but it can also create a havoc when it comes to ones skin. To deal with the skin problems that one can face while on a trek and how to deal with these problems we talk to Koyel Ghosh.

When we talk about adventure sports one name is quite synonymous among trekkers & that is Koyel Ghosh. She has been into adventure sports since 10 years .You name a adventure sports and chances are Koyel has already done that. From going on treks in the Himalayas to taking up water sports in Philippines ,she has done it all. Till date she goes on regular treks. We spoke to Koyel regarding issues faced with the skin during treks and here are some excerpts from the interview.

What are the skin related issues that one face during a trek ?

We face different kind of skin problems depending upon in which climatic condition you are trekking.Like if you go on treks in the Himalayas your skin goes through extreme cold conditions .There is extreme dryness ,chapped lips .Where as when you are trekking in summer or in hot and humid climate ,skin has to go through harsh sun rays ,dehydration ,there can be insect bites or possibilities of developing redness and rashes.

What are the measures to be taken to avoid skin problems?

It is practically not possible to prevent all the skin damage .But we can take measures to minimize the I’ll effects that can be caused. One of the most important factor to keep in mind while trekking is to keep yourself hydrated. You need to keep on drinking water at regular intervals to keep hydrated. Second most important is sunscreen. You need to use a good sunscreen with at least SPF 50. Sunscreen protects your screen from harmful sun rays and also reduces the chances of having sun burns. Next in the list is carrying a insect repellent along with you. You can apply the repellent after applying sunscreen. The most common that is available is Odomos. You also need to carry a lip balm or Vaseline if you trek is in cold climate.

Do you follow any particular skincare routine ?

No. I do not follow any particular skincare routine. When you are on a trek you do not have that amount of time to follow a proper skincare. Sunscreen and Repellent is all that I carry. However I do carry a buff or headband so that I can cover my face and it also helps in absorbing the sweat.

Is there any particular routine that you follow once you return from the trek?

When you return back there are always changes that you may see. The skin gets tanned .Sometimes you get to see certain redness or rashes that you may have not noticed while you were on trek.Usually it’s good to go for a clean or a facial whichever suits you. You can also try some home remedies to soothe the skin.One more common issue that trekkers face is of feet. Many times even if we use the best waterproof shoes ,some water does manage to sip in. Due to which we have to wear wet socks for hours .This effects the skin of your feet. So I will also advice to go for a basic pedicure at home or salon to takecare of your feet once you return.

If you have to list the 5 most essential things that a trekker must carry then what would they be?

The most important of all is to carry proper pair of shoes ,then water to drink, sunscreen, insect repellent, glucose or electrol and always keep some munchies with you like some dry fruits or toffees .

With this we come to an end of an amazing and knowledgeable chat session with trekker Koyel Ghosh. We are sure these tips will help you in planning your treks. Do let us know if you have any query regarding skin-care in the comment.

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