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Hey Beautiful! reached out to the founder of Vidhikarya to understand them better. Must say we are surely amazed.

Built by Suparna Moitra, a Computer Science Engineer, Vidhikarya aims to be a one-stop shop for the Indian legal needs.

Here is the entire interview.

Tell us about your startup.

Suparna Moitra Vidhikarya
Suparna Moitra

Vidhikarya Legal Services LLP ( is a platform wherein any body from anywhere can post his/her legal need and get the legal services and solution with ease. You can get advice from top lawyers by just few clicks and may be a phone call, if needed. The most important point is that common people find it difficult to engage lawyers and even talk to them.

Our processes are such that engaging a lawyer is pretty easy. We have leveraged the a bit of Artificial Intelligence and Automation with ample human touch and intervention to break the glass shield. Since its inception in 2016 we have touched lives of people from all corners of the country and have provided legal services and lawyer’s services. We are on the growth path in all terms and expect that we shall be able to create and write a beautiful history in the legal sector.

Vidhikarya Services

How did you come across this idea?

We have been working on this since 2007. MY husband who is an Advocate used to work for State Bank of India at that time. We both had thought of starting something on our own. We were clear that whatever we do, we must play on our strength and create something. Vidhikarya needed someone with strong IT background and who could understand the processes, flow and must have got the human connect.
It also needed a strong guidance and support from legal point of view which was provided by my husband. We both just felt that we should do something to make this sector (legal) better than what it is.

What was the reaction from your family & friends?

Very Positive. In fact, when I decided to quit my good paying job at Accenture and told them that I am going to without any salary for few months even then I did not get any negative reaction from them.

Tell us about your startup journey so far?

Neither my husband nor me come from a business background. We both were working for big giants and we decided go about it. Initially my husband quit his job at Hewlett Packard and jumped into it and I supported him and the business. Later I joined full time and my husband took a step back and he went to start his own Law firm.
Since we had no business background we did face teething problems initially. Everyday we have had one or the other learning. Thanks to our corporate background and more than a decade of experience, we had a steep learning curve and moved quite fast. We kept on experimenting with ideas and and the ways the services were to be delivered.
We started with one employee and within year went on to increase the team size to 12. We are happy that we have been able to not only do what we wanted to do but also we are able to help lots of people in getting a quality legal services and suitable lawyers to them.

What was the key challenge & how did you overcome it?

One, my limited understanding of business world. Frankly I just jumped into it and learned quickly. Two, Finance. I did not have much idea about business finance and how to get funds for the business. I got good help from my Advocate Husband who used to work for SBI and is also an MBA. Three, Connecting with people and speaking to them. I think when you got to do something you just don’t think too much and you just do it. I overcame this by just picking the phone by calling all my clients and lawyers.

Please share your road map ahead.

We are making legal services accessible and affordable for all and hence we have got multiple channels for a person to seek the legal services. What we plan to do in next few years is that to take all these to everyone at the grass root level. We plan to tie up with government agencies and non-profit organizations for this. Our aim is to become the most trusted legal service provider in the country.

One thing you would like to give as a message.

Law is complex and the perception is that getting a lawyer’s service is more complex. It is not so and we want to tell that to people. I wish that you don’t need a lawyer anytime, but in case you do then please remember we ( are there for you.
You can visit her website here.

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